Dear Students and Parents,
BCPS has created an addendum for the Grading and Reporting Procedures Manual based on feedback from teachers, students, administrators, families, and additional stakeholders.  It is our intention through these recommendations to ensure: additional guidance from the BCPS Curriculum and Instruction offices on what should be included in the body of evidence, greater proportionality between assignment types that make up the marking period grade, and consistency between and among grade levels and departments within the school on re-do assignments. The enhancements will be included as Addendum A in the Grading and Reporting Procedures Manual ( to be implemented in the second quarter.  A summary of the changes that will occur at Sparrows Point High are listed below.


  1. Teachers will implement gradebook point totals for Minor Assignments/Major Assignments based on the chart below provided by BCPS 
  2. Summative Major assignments = A combination of projects, extended labs, culminating performances, unit tests, performance tasks or performance-based assessments, extended essays, and research reports (additional types of major assignments at teacher discretion).

  3. Summative Minor assignments = A combination of learning checks/quizzes, summative classwork assignments, summative homework assignments, exit tickets, brief constructed responses, and discussions (additional types of minor assignments at teacher discretion).
  4. Some classwork assignments may be scored and included as minor graded assignments in the graded section of the BCPS Learning Management System (LMS) if instruction, feedback and practice has occurred.  
  5. Some homework assignments may be scored and placed in the graded section of the BCPS LMS if instruction, feedback and practice has occurred.
  6. Some classwork and homework assignments will be used as formative assessment and will be located in the non-graded section of the BCPS LMS.
  7. A score on any one assignment may not drop the overall marking period grade by more than one letter grade.
  8. Throughout the unit of instruction students will be provided multiple opportunities to improve their performance and show what they know and are able to do.
  9. The Re-do policy for Sparrows Point High School:
    • Re-dos are not provided for all assignments.
    • Students may not re-do:

      BCPS Unit Assessments

      PBA’s (Performance Based Assessments)

      Culminating Activities/Events and Projects

      Extended Lab Activities

  10. Student must have made an initial attempt to complete and submit the assignment for re-do per teacher direction.
  11. Student must complete all non-graded assignments associated with the eligible assignment for re-do.


    Not Graded: Cornell Notes on Weather à Graded: PowerPoint on Weather

    Not Graded: Homework on Right Triangles à Graded: Quiz on Right Triangles

    Not Graded: Pre-lab on DNA à Graded: Lab on DNA


  12. Number of attempts: For eligible re-do assignments, students will be allowed at least one attempt to re-do the eligible assignment. Additional attempts are at teacher discretion.
  13. Timeline: For eligible re-do assignments, students will have a maximum of two weeks to re-do the assignment OR until the end of the unit of study. In certain instances, where eligible re-do assignments are assigned within two weeks of the end of a marking period, students will not have the full two week period to re-do, so as to meet grading and reporting deadlines for that marking period.


Unit on Quadratics ends and Unit on Polynomials begins (once new unit begins students would no longer be able to re-do work from previous unit).