School Dances

Attention students: Homecoming Guest Forms will be available for pickup in the office beginning on October 4- guest form must be completed and signed off on by Mrs. Caster before a guest ticket can be purchased. Seniors will be able to purchase one ticket, at senior day at the firehall on Wednesday, 10/10. General ticket sales will take place on Thursday, 10/11 and Friday, 10/12, during A and B lunches. Tickets will be sold out of room 118. There will be 40 guest tickets and 540 SPHS student tickets. Tickets will not be held or reserved for any reason, and may not be exchanged between students. No refunds. Students are allowed to purchase a ticket during their assigned lunch shift only. Available tickets are divided equally between A and B lunches for each day tickets are sold. Tickets are $15, cash only, exact change appreciated.