Special Education

special ed department

Jesse Braitman [email protected] Special Ed. Dept. Chair


Kim Bischoff Para Educator. English 10, U.S. History, CRD Intro, World History, [email protected]


Karen Brown [email protected]. Earth Systems, Algebra 1, English 9, English 10, 


Sue Gallagher [email protected]. English 12, Personal Finance Economic Theory, 


Rene Heitman [email protected] Living Systems, Integrated Physics/Chem., Government, Earth Systems, 


Carolyn Farwell [email protected] Sets and Function, Living Systems


Sean Hoffmaster [email protected] U.S. History, Government, 


Jill Plesniak [email protected], Algebra 2, Geometry


Dave Reiner [email protected] English 11, English 10, 


Kristine Saja IEP Chair, Earth Systems, Integrated Physics and Chem,


Connor Walsh [email protected] Government, English 9,


Hayley Western [email protected] Algebra 1, Geometry, 


Brian Wratchford Social Emotional Teacher [email protected]