Class of 2021

Pizza Johns Fundraiser Flyer

Class Sponsors: Caroline Taylor and Sarah Donahue 

Josten’s Junior Ring Ceremony:

Josten’s comes to SPHS to collect money and to answer any questions (table set up outside of cafeteria during lunch shifts): Wednesday, October 30th

Ceremony: Thursday, November 14th at 6pm


Class Dues:

Junior class dues are $15.00 this year. If students have not paid previous years dues, they will be required to “settle up” before they can buy a prom ticket.

Freshman ----------- $ 5

Sophomore --------- $10

Junior --------------- $15

Senior --------------- $20


Junior Prom:

The Junior Prom: Saturday, April 18th 6:30-9:30 in the SPHS cafeteria


Class of 2021