School Dance Procedures

School Dance Procedures:

· Students must have paid outstanding school obligations before being allowed to purchase tickets to the event, and must have paid all class dues before purchasing tickets to junior or senior prom, or any class events.

· Seniors must have completed all 75 service learning hours, be on the path to pass all classes needed for graduation and have met HSA requirements in order to purchase tickets to the Senior Prom, or attend as a guest. Seniors who are not graduating with their class may not purchase tickets to the Senior Prom, or attend as a guest. · Students who are suspended in the quarter the event occurs may not purchase tickets to the event or attend as a guest.

· Students who left a BCPS high school before finishing their diploma are not eligible to attend as a guest of a SPHS student.

· No middle school students or guests 21 and older will be admitted. · Students who are currently assigned to an alternative program may not attend dances or proms and may not come as a guest of a SPHS student.

· Students must be in attendance until 12:00 p.m. for Friday functions or the full day prior (for Saturday functions). Ticketed students wishing to have early dismissal at 12:00 p.m. for the Prom must present a signed parent note to the class advisor at least three days in advance of the event.

· Entry doors will close to students 90 minutes after the scheduled start time of the event. Students arriving more than 90 minutes late to the event must be accompanied by their parent in order to be admitted.

· Arrangements for pick up from the dance must be made. Students who have not been picked up within 15 minutes of the end time for the event may not be allowed to attend the next dance.

· There will be no re-entry to any events once a student/guest leaves the event.

· There will be no refunds on tickets for any reason, including if the student is excluded from the event after purchasing a ticket due to suspension or for any other reason. Tickets may not be transferred from one student to another.

· All BCPS policies as outlined in the student handbook are in effect at all events, regardless of the event location.

· All guests will be required to show a current picture ID card from the MVA, school, job, etc. for admission and must have completed, obtained required signatures, and returned guest form.

Please note that A total of six hundred (600) SPHS student tickets will be sold for Homecoming and Blizzard Ball.  A total of twenty-five (25) guests will be sold for Homecoming. There are no guest tickets for the Blizzard Ball, this is a Sparrows Point student only event.  An SPHS student may only bring one guest to the Homecoming dance or prom. Guest form approval and ticket purchase will be done before a guest ticket may be sold.


Tickets for all dances are sold during lunchtime, with the number of available tickets split evenly between “A” “B” and “C” lunch shifts and students are expected to purchase a ticket during their assigned lunch shift. Tickets will not be reserved for students by the event sponsors or main office. Students who have early release, attend classes at CCBC or are absent, should plan accordingly, as special accommodations cannot be made. For Homecoming only, the first day of ticket sales will be for SPHS seniors only, no guest tickets may be purchased on the senior ticket sales day. Seniors may only purchase one ticket for themselves on senior ticket sales day.