Math Math Department Info



Andrew Prietz (Department Chair)

Sets, Functions, and Probability


Tiffany Barnett

H. Trig with Analytic Geometry, Geometry, Avid 10


Foula Paragios

Trig with Algebra, Geometry, H. Geometry


Chris Pirie

H. Calc, Algebra 1, GT Algebra 2


Sang Quach

Avid 11, H. Algebra 2


Ryan Milford

Algebra 2, H. Trig with Analytic Geometry


Allison Salvi

H. College Algebra, Algebra 1, H. Algebra 2


Lori Sexton

Pre-College Math


Karen Taylor

AP Calc, Algebra 2, GT. Pre-Calc


Daryl Wolinski

AP Stat, H. Geometry, Pre-College Math, Geometry


Jill Plesniak

Algebra 2


Hayley Western

Algebra 1, Geometry