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Assignment, Counselor, & Contact:

Last names A-F & Department Chairperson, Amy Jubb,
Last names G-O, Michael Barton,
Last Names P-Z, Rachel
School Social Worker, Courtney Blair,
Secretary & 
Records Clerk, Chris Langis,

Naviance Family Connection:

Please view the calendar below for classroom guidance schedule & counseling/college/career events hosted by SPHS, BCPS, and other organizations. 

December '16 Counseling Updates:

Grades - Quarter 2 ends 1/13/17. Quarter 3 begins 1/18/17, interims are distributed 2/24/17 and the quarter ends on 3/31/17.  Please check your grades and take care of any improvements that are needed:  complete missing assignments, talk to the teachers if you need help, put some extra time into studying for tests, do extra credit assignments if they are offered. Do not wait until the last minute to make up assignments and communicate with teachers!

Registration - Course selections and registration for the 2017-2018 school year is wrapping up! Several updates and changes have been made. For a timeline of registration activities and electronic copies of papers distributed to students, check out the calendar below and our Classes/Registration page.

2016 PSAT Scores will be returned to all 9-11th graders at the end of January in English classes. Counselors will provide an explanation of scores and additional resources. Take the opportunity to create a College Board account, log in to view your PSAT scores online, and learn about your areas of strength and skills to improve. This is especially important for ALL juniors who will be taking the SAT in school on April 5, 2017. Preparing for this test to the best of your ability can open many doors as you prepare for senior year, college, and a career.

Reminder to all students: consider your online presence. It is important for you to think carefully about your presence on social media sites.  College admissions professionals and employers tell us that they absolutely look at what candidates have posted online.  Please remove any questionable pictures or comments so they will not negatively impact your future. You will be communicating with teachers, Naviance, College Board,colleges and scholarship programs by email.  Please consider the email address you are currently using.  If it seems silly or unprofessional, this would be a good time to create a professional email account that you can use for colleges and future employers.

Class of 2017:

A copy of each student's 6-year plan was mailed home and uploaded on Naviance Family Connection for view by students and parents/guardians. These plans were generated through an individual counselor/student conference held this fall.

As college admission deadlines fast approach:

  • Send  in your college applications
  • Thank your teachers for writing you those letters of recommendation
  • If you are applying to additional schools, email your counselors to let them know so they can send in your electronic document bundle ( transcript, counselor letter of recommendation / recommendation forms, school profile, teacher letters of recommendation) 
  • Send your SAT scores from your College Board account
  • Complete your FAFSA
  • Continue to search and apply for scholarships.
  • The SPHS Local Scholarship Program will begin distributing folders to students on March 1, 2017.
  • Check Naviance for scholarships ( at the end of this email are additional ones that were just added by BCPS)
  • Monitor your social media! Colleges, scholarship organizations, and future employers  check your pages
  • Keep working hard and stay focused- your senior year is not over yet!
  • If you are taking classes at CCBC for dual credit at SPHS in the fall/winter, bring in a copy of your transcript with final grades so we can add the grade to your mid-year high school transcript.


Financial Aid –Check the scholarship page in Naviance and check there regularly for new additions to the scholarship list.  Just as with college applications, if you need something from a counselor or teacher for a scholarship application, please make that request at least two weeks in advance of the deadline. The FAFSA went live 10/1/16. This is a new and earlier date than years prior. Contact the Financial Aid Offices at the schools you will be applying to for information about their financial aid process and institutional scholarships available. 

Class of 2016 Senior Awards Assembly, June 3, 2016, full listing of award/scholarship winners.

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